Tuesday, 26 May 2009

New Books

I find Bank Holidays to be extremely boring - mainly because our family don't get our act together to sort anything out. It will be my goal to have something sorted out for the August Bank Holiday.
My place of solace in times of stress and boredom is Waterstones in Piccadilly - a large bookshop with five floors, including two cafes. Waterstones, it has to be said is not my favourite bookshop as I always prefer Borders but the Piccadilly one always has the books that I want and there is a calmness about the store.
My ritual is to walk to the top and work my way down, stopping to check out the self help section, cookery section, gardening section, craft section and fiction floor. I finish on the ground floor where I look through my selection of books before deciding whether or not to make the purchase - they are always impulse buys.
I found myself this time, however wanting a book on calligraphy. I have quite good handwriting and have been inspired by the weddings and beautiful stationery from Martha Stewart Weddings. I figured that this would give me a good project to keep me occupied. I was in luck. There were three books in total and I chose The Calligrapher's Bible.
In the self help section I chose a new weight loss book called 'Get Off Your Arse and Lose Weight'. This book is superb - it is the talk that I have been having with myself for a long time and I am steadily working through the book. There are no fad diets just plain information - stop whining and get moving, eat sensibly, stop eating junk and you will lose weight. I love it!

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