Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Lessons Being Learnt #1

This is a quick, rambling post as I have something that needed to be written down which has been bothering me since Friday.  I told someone something that wasn't mine to tell.  It won't cause the person to lose their job, go to prison, go to Court or anything bad.  But I shouldn't have told the person the truth when they enquired about my friend.  Instead I should have held my tongue and said that I didn't have any information. 

It seems that it would have been best to have lied.  I hate lying to people especially for something where everyone is really concerned about the topic/person involved. 

I have apologised to all concerned and I have apologised to them again as well.  But I cannot apologise anymore.  I don't know how this will end up being resolved, I hope that it will just fizzle away and my apologies are accepted or a good shouting match ensues to clear the air.  But mainly I hope that my friend continues to get better and is well again to return to work shortly.  I miss her.

I didn't mean any harm in telling the truth when I was asked. 

But as it is my aim to 'perfect' myself, I must learn from this mistake, and I have.  I have learnt that I don't want people to tell me information if it can't be passed on because I'm not good at having to look at someone and tell them the wrong thing.  Secrets are different and I can hold those for eternity, but general hush-hush information is best not told to me. 

I have felt guilty about this, cried about it and continued to think about it for four whole days.  I have learnt my lesson dearly and hope that friendships haven't been lossed over it. 

So I send this into the blogging world, not wanting any response but just to put my thoughts down and hopefully start to feel better and continue to learn my lesson and to stop thinking about it all the time.

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