Monday, 9 November 2009

This Week Recap

After last week's manic week where I managed to not get alot done, but got slightly stressed by not having enough time to do things I took things slower.

  • I had a wonderful time with Jackie going to see the lights in Oxford Street and Regents Street. Whilst we couldn't get out of work early to get up there to see them being switched on they were still wonderful. And it has made me even more festive than I was before!

  • Mum and I did a wonderful walk from Waterloo Bridge through St James's park to Buckingham Palace before going shopping.

  • I wrapped presents for my sister and her partner as mum is off to see them next weekend.

  • I watched wonderful fireworks celebrating Guy Fawkes Night with mum.

  • I did my Martha Monday's project with great results!

Although it wasn't the busiest of weeks, I really enjoyed it. I took things slower and loved every minute of taking the time to wander around London and enjoy being a tourist for a couple of hours. I loved decided on Thursday afternoon that I would do some baking and then going home and getting on with it.

I am planning to be able to spend my weeks last this for the timebeing. Not rushing around, but enjoying the autumn and spending more time with friends and family as winter draws in.

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