Monday, 2 November 2009

This Week Recap

This week has flown by. I am now gearing up completely for Christmas, lists have been made, cards are all written (see last week's recap) and I am beginning to look through magazines for recipes for Christmas.

  • Have decided which cookies to make for Christmas (Snickerdoodles, chocolate and peanut butter cookies, chocolate meringues from Smitten Kitchen.

  • Made my first ever trip to Anthropologie which has just opened on Regent Street. I was dissapointed. The clothes are lovely and so was everything, but it was so expensive! I purchased nothing, but did find many items for my Christmas wish list.

  • Bought my sister and her partner's Christmas presents.

  • Brined a chicken for dinner.

  • Carved my pumpkin for Halloween.

Maybe it just seemed like a busier week. I didn't do the Martha Mondays project as nuts around here are ridiculously expensive and I don't own a glue gun. I do know that I was changing my bed at 8.00pm last night and still putting clothes away at 10.30pm. Maybe I just need to be more organised.

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