Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Good News

I arrived very early for my weigh in last night, in fact, I was there before the trainer had finished bringing her weighing scale in.

After being told off for not going to the classes for ages, I stood on the scale. I had a figure in mind - I was sure that I would be the same weight as when I started the class or more.

I was shocked - I have actually lost half a pound! Oh, I know that is only small but this is quite shocking considering that I ate out every lunchtime last week, also went to dinner with my mum and had a burger after the cinema.

I am completely spurred on. Already this morning I have drunk a glass of water and eaten my bran flakes (although Violet ate the last bit and drunk the milk!)

I have also been spurred on by www.marthaandme.wordpress.com who has lost 13lbs by following recipes from the Martha Stewart magazines and also thinking 'would Martha eat this?' I love the idea of losing weight whilst not really realising that you are doing it. There is no hardship in this diet at all, and from what I see from the website, the food eaten is very balanced with some naughty bits chucked in as well.

Am off to get a cup of tea and an apple!

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