Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Weekend Baking

Mum and I did some baking at the weekend with great success.

First up was Smitten Kitchen’s Blueberry Bait Boy. Just the name made me want to make it, and I will continue to make this cake from now on – it is good!

Of course, I didn’t stick completely to the recipe as I didn’t have any unsalted butter in and so used salted butter and added the teaspoon of salt to the flour by accident. I think it made it better as it then had a slightly salty taste to offset the sweetness of the batter. The recipe serving was for 12 and it was perfect for us to eat at home and for me to take into work. It saved well and was fine on the third day when the rest of it was devoured!

The second dish was Quiche Lorraine from Michel Roux’s book ‘Pastry’. I bought this book after receiving his book ‘Eggs’ which I adore. Mum had the task of pastry which was beautiful (even though the first pastry case fell out of the oven and had to be made again). I’m not usually a fan of Quiche Lorraine because the bacon is never cooked enough, so instead of boiling the bacon as it suggested in the book we friend the bacon slightly, then drained and cooled it before adding it to the quiche. Also we used cheddar (which was already in the fridge) instead of gruyere.

I’m sorry that the photos aren’t that great, I took them with my camera phone. But dinner and pudding on both occasions were fantastic. I can’t wait to make more quiches, and found the recipe so easy to follow from Smitten Kitchen that I hope to find another recipe for dinner next weekend.

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