Sunday, 9 August 2009

Martha Mondays - Grilled Vanilla Peaches

This is the first Martha Monday and I was excited. Grilled vanilla peaches looked wonderful from the magazine and I like peaches (and ice cream) so it was a winning recipe from the beginning.

There was just one problem - grilling in England is broiling in America. It isn't warm enough to use the barbecue over here, and I wasn't about to get it out from the shed, set it up just for some peaches. Sorry Martha (and Lucinda), but I adapted this recipe!

These were fine. I had the basic ingredients and the supermarket had peaches. They also had vanilla extract which I had run out of - at £4 a bottle its not cheap.

This was also fine. I halved the recipe as it served eight and there are only three of us so I did four peaches. I found it a bit messy cutting the peaches and stoning them when they had been peeled.

As I didn't have the barbecue out I figured that I would grill (broil them). They were due to take 15 minutes on a hot barbecue. I had the grill on hot, but after 25 minutes they still weren't done. By this stage I was hot, and ready for my ice cream.

I threw them on the griddle instead. They bubbled up nicely, the liquid turned more syrupy and I spooned them on to the ice cream.

Mum, dad and I all liked them. They were tasty and I could certainly taste the vanilla. They were really quite good. If the weather in London heats up enough I will haul the barbecue out and do them properly.

I was pleased with the first of the Martha Monday challenges.


  1. Hi Pru, I just published your comment on my blog.

    I loved how you improvised, very creative. They look like they turned out good. Thanks for sharing.

    On to our next challenge! :)

  2. Hi Pru! I'm doing the Martha Mondays too. I notice that you and Brett had raw peaches even after the suggested time. I sliced mine before grilling and had no problem. I wonder if that helped. Great idea to throw them on in a pan. Mine were watery and I wish the juices had thickened like yours did.