Sunday, 18 October 2009

Martha Mondays - Pork & Chive Pot-Stickers

This week's project was chosen by Brette, the founder of Martha Mondays. There were two tasks to choose from but due to time restraints I chose the pot stickers. These were completely new to me and I watched Martha and Lucinda on the show to see how to do them.

I made a special trip to the Asian supermarket to pick up wonton wrappers but mine were square and not circular like Marthas. I wasn't fussed. I knew I wouldn't have time to locate circular ones anywhere.

The recipe was simple and apart from omitting the sherry I had everything else I needed apart from sesame oil. I could only find toasted sesame oil but this has been a revelation and I love it.

I made the pot-stickers on Friday night and then cooked up a few which we really liked - the photos were taken on Friday night.

I did have trouble cooking them in a tablespoon of oil as they just stuck to the pan and I ended up chucking those ones out. Instead I used a lot more oil and it was easier to stop them sticking. I then placed them on kitchen towel to absorb some of the oil. The rest we had with a 'Chinese' dinner on Saturday night - pot-stickers, sweet and sour chicken and Muse In The Kitchen's garlic rice - so good.

We all agreed that they were very tasted. I will make these again. To keep them from sticking I laid them on a plate covered in semolina - it seemed to work. Next time I will try to be more like Martha and make them a bit neater and try to keep the air bubbles out.

Thanks Brette - I would never have tried them without Martha Mondays!


  1. I had square wonton wrappers too, yours looked more like mine. You can also use them to make a ravioli. I also used the toasted sesame oil in mine and for the dipping sauce. I like to use it in my sesame noodles. I didn't do Martha's because I posted on my everyday blog a little while ago -

    I am now posting Martha Mondays on my food blog.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Now I want to make the pot stickers! I love them and will have to give this recipe a try someday. A chinise dinner sounds fun to make.

  3. I only could find square ones too which I usually use unaltered. This time though I used a circular biscuit cutter and cut circles out of the squares. Why? I don't know because it didn't make a bit of difference. I wouldn't do it again. These are yummy. Yours look great.