Sunday, 25 October 2009

Martha Mondays - Texas Red Chili

It was Megan's turn to choose the Martha Monday project and I was pleased that she choose the chilli as it meant that a meal would be cooked instead of part of a meal. I had liked the idea of the chilli but looked at getting dried chillies and had decided to leave it. I was pleased that I got to make it in the end.

I managed to get the ingredients. Although I substituted beef chuck (still don't know what it is) for stewing beef and the chillies for Kashmiri chillies as this was all the supermarket had.

The recipe was easy to make and I made it on Saturday and we ate it on Sunday.

We liked it, although thought the beef was a bit tough, which was my fault. I would make the sauce again but probably do this with mince as we usually do when we have chilli.

Thanks for a good Martha Monday project.


  1. I bought stew meat too! Haven't made it yet but I it looks as good as yours!

  2. I like how you adjust it to suite you and your famliy. Do you serve it with rice? It looks good.

    I usually use minced as well as cubed beef (like sirloin, or london broil)in my chili. The beef will usually be more tender if you cook it long enough, I guess like stew meat does.

  3. Hi Lyndsey,

    I cooked it for quite a while even though I made half the recipe, and then when I reheated it I did it on the lowest setting for over an hour. I liked the flavour, it was the meat that let it down (despite costing a small fortune)! I was pleased that the puree turned out well as Brette seemed to have problems with hers.